Ideas to Run Ads on Facebook in 2020

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Social Media advertising is a vast area, you can move with some tips that will help you to encourage your business.

The year 2020, based on the dazzling number of technology predictions, is going to be one heck of a year. By the year of 2020, most of the people will have to move on with the smartphone and they are going to use the internet in a liquid way. The entire social media platform will be available on the hands of the citizens at the year of 2020. Social Media advertisements are going to escalate your business in future.

Since social media advertising is a vast area, you can move with some tips that will help you to encourage your business through this link:

In the case of Facebook, there are lots of ideas and strategies to run advertisements in the way of promoting your products. Now let us move on with the ideas to run ads on Facebook by the year of 2020.

Enhance your Facebook ads experience:

Social Media marketing allows small size companies to reach large target audiences using Facebook Marketing.

Already have experience in running ads on Facebook? If yes, you can enhance your ad experience through this discussion. One of the major things you are expecting from running ads on Facebook is getting more conversions.

The ads might be in any type that gets more views, involving e commerce related actions, promoting your business page and so on. In such a case, getting more conversions is important related to your Facebook ads.

In this scenario, let us discuss some new ideas to run ads on Facebook in 2020.

Ideas to run ads on Facebook in 2020:

Make use of Facebook pixel:

A Facebook pixel is an effective tool that includes a code that you can add on your website. The Facebook Pixel is used to track your website visitors. Through getting this visitors list you can retarget those visitors with the use of Facebook ads in future. You may predict what they are doing on your website and when they are returned.

All the above process allows you to gain more depth insights of your audience as well as track the effectiveness of your paid social media advertising efforts.

Facebook pixel is used to identify your custom audience in the right way. Custom audiences are known as the audience who are all having the previous connections with your landing website.

Already if you are having the database of your related audience then it does not matter. But if you are not having that such database with you, then if you are installed Facebook pixel, it will track all the movements of any audience on your website who are simultaneously logged in to Facebook.

Also it will record the audience visit which page of your website and when they visit. Using this kind of data, you can create a targeted group of people. These people are known as custom audiences. After framing custom audiences then you can advertise on Facebook. Here you can also fix the time frame between like one to 180 days of visiting time.

Like this Facebook Pixel options, Facebook contains a larger number of unique features. You can see the best features of Facebook here:

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Make use of video content:

By the year of 2020, video will account for 85% of the total Internet traffic. According to the studies your brain can process images 60,000 times faster than it can be conveyed through words. In the case of videos it can be multiplied more times.

Now you may understand the importance of video content in case of Facebook ads. Organic reach is also possible by the case of video Facebook ads. Also, the audience believe that videos can give them more confidence about the product when they purchase through online.

Videos can be very useful to elaborate your content with your audience. For example if you are producing any innovative new product such as washing machine with low cost, in that case consumers may not be aware of how to use your products.

In this case if you are developing a video related how to handle your washing machine and how it is going to satisfy the customers need. If you are giving that video as an advertisement then it will reach in the mind of the audience at the higher point of purchasing. When you are producing those video advertisements then you can find the improvement in your click through rates.

And keep in mind that when you are creating video of your product/service then never forget to consider the length of the video, thumbnail clarity, sound of your advertisement also.

Facebook Ads

In the above screenshot you can see the sponsored Facebook advertisement with video content.

Make use of Geofencing campaign:

The process of targeting specific people is extremely easy with geofencing Facebook ads. As a business owner, you may know the importance of targeting the specific customers who are all familiar, interested with your brand.

The ad platforms such as Google ads and Facebook ads are having a good selection of target based choice things like demographics and location. But geofencing on Facebook is used to bring a new type of targeting to the counter.

You can set some specific distance between your business/product place and customers. When you are creating geofencing Facebook ads, you can draw a virtual polygon around areas where there is a high level of chance to target your customers. When the customers visit inside your physical location that you have mentioned in geofencing, at that time they will get notifications of your product or services. Geofencing Facebook ads develop the boundary level of business.

When you are running a time-based evening restaurant with a super special variety of eatables, and you want to notify your hyper-target potential customers through ads, then geofencing is the best option for you. Geofencing employs the actions of your advertisements when the customers step inside your specified geofence. So that it will pull the audience to your doorstep easily.

Facebook Location Targeting

In the above screenshot you may see how the specific location can be targeted through Facebook to create new audience.


Like any other marketing strategies, Facebook marketing also requires effort but not as laborious as other marketing strategies. You can check with the useful Facebook Marketing Tips for Online Businesses that helps you in various ways. As in all the marketing strategies execution, you must be careful when you are moving with the Facebook advertisements. Here you need to avoid some mistakes. You can have an idea about Facebook advertisements and overcome it.

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