8 Typography Hacks Every Graphic Designer Should Know

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'Typography.' Graphic designing is a procedure of problem-solving through Typography and Photography. Before moving to the actual topic, let me explain to you a bit about Typography.
8 Typography Hacks Every Graphic Designer Should Know

8 Typography Hacks Every Graphic Designer Should Know

If you are an expert graphic designer, then you must be familiar with the importance of ‘Typography.’ Graphic designing is a procedure of problem-solving through Typography and Photography. Before moving to the actual topic, let me explain to you a bit about Typography.

Typography is an art of making your text readable and attractive. It incorporates Font style, Font size, Line spacing, Line length etc.

These all terms are included in Typography, and with the right typography, people can easily perceive your text in a written form without any doubts and difficulty.

Some various Tips or Hacks can make you an expert in the typography. I am going to explain a few hacks of typography that an expert Graphic designer should not ignore in any case. Moreover, these hacks will help you to become a pro in graphic designing. Let’s proceed with the topic.

Typography Hacks

Have you ever designed something and thought to become a better graphic designer? Well if you are one of them who is trying to improve their graphic designing skills, then you are in the right place. I am going to mention remarkable and amazing Typography hacks that will make you the best Graphic designer.

Let’s start with the first and foremost hack that comes in this category.

1- Pairing of Fonts

Let’s start with the pairing of fonts. A graphic designer should know which font will go best with which font. The combination of fonts is an essential thing that makes your program look appealing and understandable. As a graphic designer, you should be able to do a proper mixing of fonts to let people understand your design.

Better use those fonts with high contrasting that will result in the balance of fonts. The wrong combination of fonts in a design might give less understanding to the reader. As a graphic designer, you should have proper knowledge about the combination of fonts, and it is something that a designer should know for the right typography.

When we talk about the best font then gotham font automatically appears on our mind. It is one of the highly loved and used fonts for a long time. I think it will be a best decision to use the pairing of Gotham fonts in your design because it goes best with numerous other fonts including Mercury, Antenna, Chronicle, Klinik Slab, Open Sans and many more.

Though it released in 2000 yet it’s popularity and usage increasing with them. The Gotham font has been used in Obama’s speech in 2006 that was the most significant achievement. Afterwards, it used for various other leading brands that kept on increasing its popularity.

2- Select a Proper Color Scheme

Before moving to your project, make sure to select a proper colour scheme that is one of the essential features of the right typography that a graphic designer should know. The colours will decide on a large portion of different parts of the structure. Not all shapes and typography function admirably in each shading, nor do all hues supplement one another.

Choosing the colour scheme or colour combination before starting your project reflects your professionalism. Apart from that, it may save your lot of time, and you don’t need to do changes after the completion of your project so better decide the colour scheme before starting your project. It is another important thing that a graphic designer should know.

Remember that you chose that background colour that doesn’t overshadow your text; otherwise, it will be hard for a reader to understand your writing. Chances are they might switch to another website so better use that colour scheme that makes your text look visible and understandable.

3- Add a few Complimentary Fonts

Adding so many fonts in a single program is the worst decision you will ever make but adding 2 or 3 fonts that complement each other is not a bad option. In fact, it will create a variety and uniqueness in your design, and it will look appealing to the readers. 

Include some variety of text dimensions and loads, and you have a remarkable and proficient structure without doing a ton of extra work. Hence using 2 or 3 different fonts is always a good option for the right typography. But don’t forget not to use a bunch of fonts in a single design. It will become hard for a reader to understand your design.

4- Increase Image Color

It is better to enhance the brightness of the image that you place in your design to give it a touch of a graphic designer’s work. You can find the best design layout from Pin interest or any other social media app. If you ever like any image there then don’t forget to bookmark it. You may use it later.

If we talk about the background image, then always go for that image that has a copy space so that you may utilize that space later to write the copy of your brand idea or something like that. Images play an essential role in making your design remarkable and understandable so you should pay particular consideration on it. First, learn how to increase the color of an image and then apply it.

5- Usage of Grids

Using grids in your design for your images makes your design look professional. When you edit your pictures and turn into grids, then it reflects a professionalism look, and it becomes easy for the reader to understand your design. 

When you place four pictures with comparable subjects, then it gives an eye-catching result to the readers. For consistency, you may skyline every photograph and may apply a special filter over all the pictures. Grids make it easy for you to create your own layout without utilizing any template.

Another advantage of using grids is that it allows the designer to work better on the designs, and it becomes easy for them to put the elements according to the requirements. It also helps to position the elements in the grid. So better to use grids in your design for your own convenience.

6- Use Shapes and Icons in Designs

Using shapes and icons in your design to accompany the information is another essential thing for the right typography, and a graphic designer should know it. Using shapes and symbols will give a unique look to your design, and you will be surprisingly happy to see your designs.

As a graphic designer, you should be aware of all the tool or icons, and you might be mindful of the usage of these icons or shapes. So before choosing a specific symbol or tool for your design, make sure to understand its working and usage and then apply them in your design.

7- Learn Program Software

Designers are always struggling to learn new software’s and do experiments with photoshop or illustrators but remember that with learning you may master yourself in new and various designs.

As a graphic designer, you should not stick to a single design. Try to bring creativity and uniqueness in your work that will reflect your professionalism. You may find free demos online from where you may learn a lot. Further, you can also attend various seminars. Learning new designs are a part of the best typography, and it makes you the best graphic designer so you should never compromise on it.

8- Learning and Implementing

Learning makes a man perfect. Even if you have become a pro in graphic designing, keep on learning and keep on making mistakes. The more you implement, the more you will become an expert in it. Like every other skill, this skill also requires learning and remember that with each teaching, you may get an opportunity to learn something new or unique.

For better learning, you may work on various graphic designing projects that you may receive online. Try to give tests that will enhance your graphic designing skills. At the start, you may make several mistakes, and your design will look ugly but don’t worry errors is the first step towards learning. The more you make mistakes, the more you will be able to learn something new.

Final Thoughts

Here is a list of 8 Typography hacks that a graphic designer should know. If you are a graphic designer, then you should be able to make people understand your designs, and it can only happen if you use the right typography. For which you need to be master yourself in it.

For gaining enough knowledge related to a specific field, you need to do practice as only practice makes a man perfect and master. Apart from these hacks, various other hacks will likewise help you to become a pro and will enhance your graphic designing skills.

I hope you will find this article helpful and informative. Try to practice all these hacks that will surely give you a positive result.

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